Dr Kerryn Bagley is an accredited clinical Social Worker experienced in supporting families, children, young people and adults with emotional, behavioural and mental health needs. She has worked in the fields of mental health, brain injury and social/community services across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Dr Bagley has particular expertise in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) diagnosis, intervention, support and training. She first became aware of FASD whilst working in primary mental health care as a child and adolescent counsellor, when a birth mother of a child thought to be affected by a FASD bought the condition to her attention.  With a background working in traumatic brain injury alongside her experience in child development, trauma and mental health, Dr Bagley began to investigate the condition further, however found little information or resources available in New Zealand or Australia for professionals who encountered clients with pre-natal alcohol exposure.  As a result of this she undertook doctoral study on FASD at the University of Otago with the aim of increasing awareness of the condition amongst health and allied health services.  

Dr Bagley has a particular interest interventions and parent/carer support for FASD. She has undertaken training the USA and Canada with a number of FASD training and care providers, including intervention training with FASCETS USA and diagnostic training at The Asante Centre in Canada.  In 2015 She was awarded a Creswick Fellowship to undertake further training in the Families Moving Forward Program at the Seattle Children's Research Institute. This program is one of only a few evidence-based intervention programs available internationally.

Dr Bagley's PhD research, together with international training on FASD diagnosis and intervention, informs her clinical practice.  Since moving to back to Australia, Dr Bagley has helped to develop diagnostic capacity for FASD in Queensland.  This includes the development of the Better Life FASD diagnostic clinic in Brisbane and the provision of training and consultancy to the FASD diagnostic clinic at the Community Child Health Service at the Gold Coast.  Dr Bagley is an experienced public speaker who regularly presents at international conferences and symposia. She has also engaged in FASD training and consultation with professionals across the health, allied health, social service, justice and education sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand.  


Australian FASD Clinical Network, Co-chair
AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers), Advanced accredited member
NOFASD Australian Ambassador
CARDD (Collaboration for Alcohol Related Developmental Disorders, UQCCR, Australia), research member
FASD-CAN (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Care Action Network, NZ), member
FAN NZ (Fetal Alcohol Action Network, NZ), member