Dr Bagley is an experienced trainer for FASD who conducts workshops, seminars, and training programs ranging from single sessions to two-day programs with organisations and other interest groups across Australia and New Zealand. Each training is program is tailored to the needs of the trainees, and can be delivered in a way that is equally accessible to professionals as well as parents and families. 

Training content may include:

  • Understanding FASD
  • The teratogenic effects of alcohol 
  • Alcohol consumption and pregnancy guidelines
  • Responding to FASD in policy programs and practice
  • FASD screening and referral
  • FASD Diagnosis 
  • FASD presentation across the lifespan
  • FASD Intervention and management 
  • Risks associated with FASD
  • Working with and supporting families
  • Asking about alcohol use during pregnancy
  • How to speak to individuals and families about alcohol exposure and FASD
  • Responding to grief and loss
  • FASD prevention
  • FASD and mental health
  • FASD and disability
  • FASD in the justice system
  • FASD and child safety
  • FASD in the education sector
  • Alcohol, FASD and stimga, the importance of a no blame, no shame approach

Professional groups who have benefited from training:

  • Health professionals
  • Allied health professionals
  • Social and Community service professionals
  • Child safety professionals
  • Disability service professionals
  • Justice professionals
  • Educational professionals

Please contact Dr Bagley directly to discuss your training needs: